Posted: March 20, 2017

Bagherra is looking for her fur-ever home!


 Bagheera decided she had to take matters into her own hands to get adopted. Here’s what she had to say: (Read in thick Russian accent) Hello. My name is Bagheera. You know, that large, black panther cat on The Jungle Book. Yes, yes, that one. Just like that Bagheera, I like man cub. You see, I am a stubborn woman and I do not like the pups. I have my ways. I like these ways. These ways are good. I do not need puppy banter. And cats… I will eat them. Ok, I do not eat cat but I will chase. I do not like cat. I like man cub. You want me? I need to be only fur-baby. No others. I will be perfect for warming your couch and doing, how they say… Netflix & chill. All I need is happy home with food and toy. This is it. Nothing else. You want to know more about me? Ok, I say this. I am three years and I am good at this size. If you feed me more, I get fatter. This is ok. I am ok with crate. I can do crate. I know where potty is. Moeder puts me in crate and no problem. Moeder gates me in kitchen and no messes. I know potty is outside. These jaws are strong. Very strong. They chew great holes. But don’t worry. They only chew holes in toys. Dog toys. No holes in furniture, no holes in rug, no holes in dog bed. But sometimes shoe… if shoe is there, and I there, and you not there… but I only did this once. And Moeder still wears this shoe. Walking is ok. I excite when I see leash, but summer is hot. I am black. Black fur and hot sun do not mix well. Please understand, I enjoy leash but I also enjoy Netflix & chill. Water is good. Better than vodka. I like taking breaks in kid pool. Very nice. I am most happy with lazy play in living room with Moeder. Or outside. But this does not last long if it is hot. I also like the treats. All treats. I get BarkBox once a month; I think Moeder likes this better than me. But BarkBox is good. New treats. But I am not picky. All treats is good treats. I will share my treats and my toys with humans. This is fine. I no guard my toys and bones. What purpose has this? None. You share your food, I share mine. This is only fair. You like what you see? You fill out application. I wait for you. Moeder knows best. Don’t hesitate. You can’t resist this. Apply. Now. For Bagheera, lover of man cub. Is ok if you are big, small, tall, short. No discrimination. Just adopt me. I be your one and only. This is good. Remember, I do Netflix and chill.

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