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Posted: March 20, 2017

Clover is looking for her fur-ever home!

Meet Clover! Clover is a 2 year old lovebug and weighs around 40 pounds. This adorable, light-brindled beauty probably has some pitty in her along with some Piglet! Ok, not really, but with her pink nose and cute, pointed ears, doesn’t she look like Pooh Bear’s best friend!? Living with 5 large dogs isn’t always easy, but Clover gets along great with all of them! On their first meet and greet she was submissive as each pup introduced themselves, letting them sniff and do their thing without hesitation. Radar is one of those pups and the two of them play like there is no tomorrow! So… why not adopt two dogs to make your household even more full of love!? Clover is perfectly potty trained, sleeps great through the night, walks great on a leash and loves to explore her surroundings. Cuddling and being close to her humans is her preferred stakeout – well, that or with her canine siblings. She hasn’t been around cats yet so we aren’t sure if she would share that same love. Spending time in her crate is just fine with Clover, though she does talk a little in the beginning, then settles down quickly. Miss Clover has been living at an animal shelter for about 8 months but now she is finally in a warm and loving home. She has already settled in quite comfortably and enjoys snoozing on the couch and curling up next to Foster Mom. Her unique colors make her an absolutely beautiful dog – a light, faded brindle – and don’t forget those ears! The way they stand up and flop at the top – too precious! Clover is still young and has a good bit of energy so she would do best in a home with a playmate and a fenced in yard. Of course, trips to the dog park would be a great option as well! Long walks are always enjoyed by this sweet pup and really any time spent with a companion of any sort is appreciated. If you’ve always wanted to train an agility dog, she may be perfect! One time, she completely cleared a picnic table, hurdling over it like nobody’s business. Clover is such a lover and so eager to please her people. She will make a wonderful pet to a very lucky family if she is just given a chance!!

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