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Posted: March 20, 2017

Noel is looking for her fur-ever home!

Introducing Noel! She’s basically your good ol’ mutt with a little lab here, a little something there, a little beagle everywhere? But who cares about a breed when you get a sweet face like that 😊 At only 28lbs, this pup is ALL legs! She’s still young and will probably top out in the low 40’s. Not all dogs can live cordially with cats, but Noel can! Her newest roommate is a feline and Noel doesn’t really pay her any attention. As a super duper submissive dog, she gets along with all new 4-legged friends – she’s a bit cowardly with her tail tucked (but wagging!), nervous kisses and crouching to let them introduce themselves. Her belly goes straight up in the air as she rolls over, giving her new friends a chance to sniff her out. She tends to get stepped on because of this, so playing with a few friends at a time is best, but she is quickly learning how to hang with the big pups at the free-for-all dog parks. Sometimes she can get a bit scared, but she quickly shakes off the nerves and starts chasing her new friends! Noel gets super excited to see her doggy BFF’s and runs at them, full force, with no brakes whatsoever, just throwing herself on the ground like she is sliding into home-base, showering her friends with kisses and showing off her puppy belly! Noel is a happy, wiggly, lovey-dovey puppy who will always be able to make you smile! When meeting new people, Noel does best when there’s a confident pup to show her that they’re friendly, then she becomes their best friend! Considering she is only about 7 months old, it’s pretty awesome that Noel is housebroken and understands where to potty. Having a fence would be best since she is not used to pottying on a leash. Noel used to be scared of walking on a leash but her doggy sisters have shown her there is nothing to it! If they are all walking side by side, Noel follows their lead and trots right along. She even jogs now for short distances if Foster Mom wants! Strangers approaching her still causes some anxiety so she will hide behind her sisters and let them greet the unknown. Once she knows it’s safe, the happy butt wiggle starts! Noel is crate trained! That’s where she gets fed, so she’s learned the crate is her safe space. You’ll catch her putting herself down for a nap in there as well, or sprint to it excitedly, knowing that a treat is to follow when Foster Mom needs to leave for work! While home alone and at night, Noel keeps her crate clean and dry and she runs straight in when it’s time for bed. She’s proven to be a quick and eager learner. When a dog snaps at her to back off, she does. If a pup wants to share their toys with her, she will happily join in on the fun! Chasing toys is her most favorite thing in the whole wide world and she just loves flaunting them around, enticing her doggy friends. Hoarding toys is also a hobby of hers – she takes literally all the toys (and anything else she finds) and tucks them in a crate. Literally anything else within reach that fits in her mouth…laundry that has not been picked up, junk mail that got knocked on the ground, bedroom slipper, flip flops, the hair strainer from the bathtub… Basically if you are missing anything, check her nest first and she likely has it safely hidden away…basically she is a magpie in puppy form!! Noel may also be part mudpuppy as well; she has shown a love for diving into mud puddles and just has sooooo much fun playing in them, Foster Mom can’t help but laugh. Once the weather warms up, she’ll probably prove to be an avid swimmer! If you’re looking for an incredibly sweet magpie x mudpuppy x lab x ?? mix who learns quickly, Noel is perfect. She’s still a little timid and learning to build her confidence, but she’s oh so excited to keep at it! She loves spending time with other dogs and is not needy to her humans. She probably needs another pup in her life to help with continuing to build her confidence and having a fenced in yard would be a bonus, though not necessary if her family is patient with her shyness, learning how to potty on a leash. She is sure to be a great pup for some lucky family 😊

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