What's up, I'm Syke! Fun fact?? I'm not originally FROM Athens. I actually was born & raised in New York, but I'm here now....soooooo that's that!

I love hanging out with you every Monday-Friday from 2P-7P! Any questions?? Well, read my bio below! 

Hometown: NY 

Birthday: August 9th 

Favorite Power Athens Artists: The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, & Taylor Swift. Stop it, you know you love her too. 

Favorite TV Shows: Currently? Modern Family & Ray Donovan. Of all time?? Friends. 

Favorite Movies: I love a good comedy, so anything that can make me laugh. If Will Ferrell is in it, then it's in my Top 10. 

Favorite Celebrity Encounters: Macklemore fell asleep on me once in a car AFTER we did an interview. Also, Katy Perry, J Lo, & Selena Gomez have always been kind to me whenever I've interviewed them or spent time with them at events. 

If I didn't live in Athens: I'd probably be back up in New York, but I'm enjoying the southern hospitality down here, so let's hope Power Athens keeps me around for a little bit. 

Obsessed With: Fitted hats. (I have about 40) 

The Team I Root For Most: I'm a die hard Mets, Knicks, Jets, & Islanders fan....and of course, the Dawgs!!!