Posted: March 20, 2017

Petey is looking for his fur-ever home!

Meet Petey! Petey is an itty-bitty Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix and only weighs 8lbs! He might gain a pound or two, but he isn’t growing up bigger than that. Petey is about one-year old and is always on the move! Have you ever seen someone on a pogo stick? Now shrink them down to half a foot tall, put pointy ears and a super long tail on them… that’s Petey! He will bounce and bounce when it’s play time and he is too darn cute while doing it! Following treats around on his hindlegs is also a fancy trick he has learned. Petey lives with another dog that’s 6x his size and man oh man does he love his foster brother! He basically gets along with all dogs. Though he doesn’t live with cats, he had some interactions at the vet’s office and didn’t seem to mind them. Petey sleeps through the night both in his crate and in bed with his foster parents with no accidents. He is basically housebroken, but slips up here and there. His crate training skills are coming along great, too! Petey will go in his crate and cry initially, but once he settles down, he won’t make a peep. It’s cute because Foster Mom will tell him to “go to your room” and he follows a treat in seamlessly. But then he doesn’t eat the treat… oh, the quirks our little furry friends have 🙂 All in all, Petey is a confident little man and does great with new people. He isn’t very affectionate, but he does enjoy cuddling and getting petted. Sure, he can be a little fidgety, but once he is comfortable he learns to settle in well. Exploring the great outdoors is Petey’s favorite thing to do – whether it be his fenced in yard or a long walk, he enjoys all the smells and soaking up the sun. What are you waiting for!? Petey is the perfect little pocket pet and he’s waiting to come join you and your family. Apply now! http://athenscaninerescue.com/project/petey/

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