Troy is looking for his fur-ever home!

Introducing Troy! Troy Boy is one of the big guys at a solid 63lbs. Since he isn’t quite a year old, he will probably still fill out a bit more and end up in the mid-70’s. This big ol’ lab mix is such a goof! It’s too cute to watch him gallop sloppily after his toys, showing that he is definitely still a puppy! Despite his size, the great indoors is kind of a scary place for Troy. Almost all household objects/appliances freak him out – the washer and dryer, vacuum, hardwood floor cleaner… you name it, he’s weary. Sometimes when the tv is off, he decides it needs a good talking to as well. But it’s not a constant banter. How do you fix this? Turn the teli on! Since he was outside his whole life, it’ll take some time to get used to a powered-off tv :’-) If you’ve got a cat, you can still have Troy! Funny enough, he’s afraid of them. Dog friends are his preferred play partners (or people, of course) and he gets along with everyone. Troy will need a household that either has another playful friend for him or an active family to keep him exercised. If he wants to play but his 4-legged buddy would rather nap, he gets a bit yappy, insisting that playing is a MUCH better choice! Structured introductions aren’t necessary and he is a great dog park dog. New dogs and people don’t scare him as he trots right up and is super-duper friendly with all! Since Troy has been in the shelter for a while as a youngster, he isn’t used to being inside. He’s good at sleeping through the night and keeping his crate clean, but he still makes potty mistakes when inside. Foster Mom had trained him to ring the bells on the door to go outside, which he does! It’s just that he hasn’t realized that’s where he needs to go potty, too… On the plus side, he is making immense progress with his crate training. Sure, it takes a treat to entice him to enter, but he only whines for a couple of minutes and then settles down right after. As Troy settles in, you can see the wheels turning as he learns that he doesn’t need to be at Foster Mom’s side for every waking moment. While he may appear a little on the needy side, he is just not used to having humans around all the time! He’ll pull at your heart strings with how incredible loving he is. You can’t even shower without him poking his head in to say hi! Troy absolutely loves water so he doesn’t want to be left out of any event involving it! If you’re looking for a large dog who just LOVES toys, Troy is perfect. Whether it’s ropes, stuffed animals, balls, bones – he loves them all! With a household that can provide some basic training on his manners and some consistency with his potty training, he’ll be the perfect dog for an active home (or one with another active dog!).