Mystic is looking for her fur-ever home!

Welcome Mystic! This beautiful Husky/Boxer mix came to the shelter with hardly any meat on her bones and was heartworm positive. With a little TLC, lots of food and plenty of crate rest, she will be ready for adoption come mid-May! 

Mystic weighs about 55lbs and shouldn’t get any larger than that since she is a young adult, just under 3 years old. It took her about a month to understand exactly how to be a dog – she spent her life tethered to a pickup truck before coming to Animal Control and she didn’t quite understand what dog toys were. Well, she’s figured it out now and her confidence has truly blossomed! Once she realized she could move around freely, she became so outgoing and happy! Because she has been on heartworm treatment for a few weeks, she hasn’t been able to run about too much lately, but on May 12 she’ll be able to build her activity level up again and show just how great a family member she can be! 

Housebroken? Check! Whether in her crate or loose around the house, she has been accident free. 

Crate Trained? Check! She sleeps through the night so long as she can be in the same room with her people. Sometimes it takes a treat or a Kong to entice her to enter, but not too much effort past that. 

Good with Children? Check! Mystic has been around the full age range of children and is very polite and curious. She is still learning basic manners though, so there might be an accidental bump to the floor if the human is small… 

Good with Cats? …not so much… but so what? 

As far as interactions with other dogs go, Mystic does very well with low key pups and has a liking for the stable, assertive, bigger males. She tends to push the boundaries though, to see what she can get away with, so she would not do well in a home with another bossy female. There’s only ever room for one of those! Because of this, structured introductions are necessary for Mystic and dog parks are not a good place for exercise. Though she is currently on crate rest, she certainly has some energy that needs to be expelled so a house with a yard where she can run laps would be ideal, or a family who goes on multiple walks/day. She’d be a great hiking or running partner. But with the right amount of exercise, both physical and mental, she has no problem curling up and watching TV with you 

It takes Mystic a little time to get to know you and she may come off slightly aloof upon first introductions. After establishing you are one of her people, however, she enjoys being near you. Without being overly demanding, she makes herself available for affection, happily providing plenty of kisses and cuddles. And she’ll show off for you too – prancing around the yard like a show horse, then turning into an agility dog (but not quite as graceful), breaking out into full blown sprints with a combination of leaps, twists and rolls! All to land right next to your side, asking for some more pets. 

If you’re looking for a canine companion with some serious enthusiasm for life, Mystic is perfect. With a little more patience and consistency with training, she’ll have her basic manners down in no time! Will you be the family to continue showing Mystic just how great life can be?!