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Tug is looking for his fur-ever home!

Welcome Tug! Tug has had a rough start to life but he’s feeling much better now! His mange is under control and he is ready to find his forever home. Tug is a 2 year old Pitbull mix and just under 50lbs. At his age, he shouldn’t get any larger than that, Granite Hills Animal Care is where Tug has been recovering from his mange. Event through his uncomfortable stages, he had the sweetest disposition. It was clear that all he wanted was to be loved on! While his fur is still growing back, he looks a million times better and is just such a happy dog! The staff at Granite Hills has taken such great care of him, giving him a second chance at life. So what do you need to know about Tug? Well, he’s housebroken and crate trained, so there’s that! Now he just needs a family who can exercise him regularly and show him how good it feels to be alive. His energy level is moderate, so he won’t need any crazy exercise, but regular walks (or runs, if you’re up for it!) would be good. Structured introductions are necessary for Tug, so the dog park is not a good place to expel his energy. He is currently living in boarding with several other dogs and the only time he gets a bit overstimulated is when a new dog comes in and there’s a fence or crate barrier. Outside of that, he really just ignores his 4-legged roommates. While Tug has been around cats, he’s never been off leash with them. In saying that, he really doesn’t pay them any attention when walking by. Kind of like with the other dogs he’s around all day. He’s a confident, friendly chap and hasn’t shown a fear of anything thus far. Once a family comes around who can open their homes and hearts to this lug, he’ll be able to get back in the swing of things with a regular routine. With some consistency in his training and some TLC, Tug will make the perfect dog at his new fur-ever home! http\://