Titan is looking for his fur-ever home!

Introducing Titan! This big boy is a Black & Tan Coonhound and so stinking sweet! At 75 lbs, Titan is full grown and under 2 years old. He may look familiar to you and that’s because he was Jagger when he first came to ACR. Well, he’s back and looking for a new forever family. You see, Titan does not get along with horses… so as long as you don’t have livestock, he’ll probably fit in great! Titan is a true family man. All he wants is to show the world how much love he has to share. No, he’s not a big kisser (though he does slobber sometimes..), but he loves giving bear hugs and being cuddled up with. Need an extra pillow? Titan can take care of that! Want to save some money on your energy bill this winter? Titan will be that warm body to comfort you at night! It’s hard to resist loving on this big guy and just squeezing him as hard as you can, showing him how much love you have to share as well! He does great with children and enjoys any attention he can get – chin scratches are a favorite, along with knuckle rubs! Way back when, just about a year ago, Titan came to the shelter with an embedded collar. Before you look that up, be warned that the images can be pretty terrifying. We are happy to say that he has fully healed and you would never even know he went through that rough patch! There is a scar, but he also has a lot of extra skin around his neck so you can’t tell, and the fur has grown back beautifully! Titan can now wear a collar and walk on a leash with no issues. On that note, he’s still working on not pulling on a leash, but we’re getting there! Titan has been through some vigorous training and knows the command “Place.” When it’s dinner time, he can be a bit nosey. But when you use the command “Place,” he will stay put in his area until you give him the ok to do whatever he wants! The trick is, he needs to be ‘placed’ on a rug or something that can be differentiated from the main floor. This lanky lad’s nose works extremely well and he’ll put that thing to the ground and sniff out an entire new territory. Food is a fabulous motivator for him; if it’s edible, he’ll eat it. Because Foster Mom feeds him in his crate, he absolutely loves that spot and runs right in when it’s dinner time. All you have to do is grab his food bowl and he’ll take off, sit, and wait in his crate. When you leave for the day or put him in his crate at night, he will whine once you disappear out of site – he does better sleeping in the room with you whether you want to share your bed or give him his own on the floor. Just note that he can be a bit stubborn, so it may take several pushes-off-the-bed before he realizes he isn’t sleeping up there. If there’s another dog in the house, Titan can forget that it’s ok to not play 100% of the time. Puting him in his crate for a break is simple – so long as he’s in the same room as the family, he’ll put himself to bed and nap it off. Mr. Titan. has a relatively moderate energy level and needs to go on daily walks or have a human or doggy friend to let off some steam. Though he isn’t a fan of dogs that play with their paws, he will run around and entice the others in a nice game of chase! Floki is his current foster brother and Titan loves chasing him when instigated. He does really well with the small guys too. Even though Floki tends to freak out once Titan catches up with him, all Titan does is stand there, waiting for the next flinch so he can run again. It’s amazing to see such a large dog be so gentle. Titan lived with cats in his previous home- If the cat runs, Titan will chase him/her (like Floki). If the cat stands its ground and wants to play, Titan will play! It did take some time for him to adjust to his feline buddies, so it’ll likely be the same scenario if there are cats in your home; things will go a lot smoother without them. Tug of war is something Titan is learning to enjoy, though he prefers his toys for himself. Even though he will entertain the idea of sharing with his canine companions, sometimes he gets a little fed up. Rawhides and meaty bones need to be given to Titan in a space that he is by himself and doesn’t have to guard it. The good thing is that he is easily distracted so if you need to get something back from him, luring him with a new toy or treat will often take his attention off the old one. Titan has proven to bond with his humans very much so and wants to be able to serve a purpose. He is eager to please and a very well mannered dog. Ok, he forgets to keep all 4 on the floor when he gets excited but that’s because he loves giving (and receiving) hugs! Though he’s a little needy, it’s hard not to shower this cutie with attention. So if you’re looking for a goofball who loves being loved, Titan is the perfect match. http://athenscaninerescue.com/project/titan/