Benes is looking for his fur-ever home!

Meet Benes! Benes is a hound mix and just under a year old. He’s a spunky little fellow and may have some shepherd in him as well. At 35lbs, he still has a little filling out to do, but shouldn’t get much bigger. When he first came into his foster home he was uncoordinated and acted like he had no idea how to use those legs of his! Which reminded his foster mom a lot of Elaine Benes’s (Seinfeld) goofy dance moves, hence his name (pronounced ben-ness, in case you aren’t a Seinfeld fan…)! 

Benes is eager to please and very smart, which means he catches on super quick when Foster Mom teaches him something new. Plus, he’s food motivated which makes it all the easier! He has already mastered sit, down, stay (for short time periods) and is completely housebroken. Sometimes he has trouble keeping all 4 on the floor when he gets excited, but he’s working on that too. Car rides mean going someplace fun so he happily rests in the backseat while traveling. He walks politely on a leash, so taking a walk or hike is a breeze! At night, when it’s time to go to bed, Benes lays down and sleeps until it’s time to get up. In fact, Benes is so polite around the house that he doesn’t need to be crated. He keeps his space tidy and mostly plays with and chews on appropriate toys! Every once in a while he finds something that isn’t so appropriate… but he responds very well to correction 

At just about a year old, playing is an absolute favorite of his and he loves other dogs. He’s been completely nonreactive to the noisy, in-your-face pups and really just wants a good play session. Structured introductions aren’t necessary and he would make a great dog park pal. This boy just loves to run around and he has a decent bit of energy to expel so a house with a yard or regular play sessions and walks is a must. Looking to train that agility dog? Benes would be great! He’s very much so a people pleaser and has never met a stranger. Outside of lawnmowers and the bathroom (bath time… ugh), Benes doesn’t really seem to be phased by anything. Even when taking a bath, he is very well behaved in the tub. 

As much as Benes enjoys receiving affection from his humans, he is easily self-entertained and will lie down in his bed when told to do so. By observing his surroundings to any new activity, Benes gets a chance to soak it all in and understand what’s going on. He reads other dogs well and if a grumpy pup doesn’t want to play, Benes will head in a different direction, unbothered. Sometimes he gets on a roll though and just wants to keep going, so he’d do best with another doggy friend that has the same urge to play as he does. 

Gobbling food faster than ever is Benes’ one bad habit. He often forgets to take the time to chew! His foster mom is working on hand feeding his meals, trying to teach him to slow down and take small bites. He doesn’t get upset or guard his food from people or other dogs, he just eats every meal like he has never seen anything so delicious in his life! He would probably do very well with a slow feeder or a puzzle toy, something that makes him work for his dinner. 

If you’re looking for a goofy little guy and have some time to help keep him stimulated, Benes is a fabulous house guest. Just meet him already so you can add that perfect, playful pup to your family!