Dixie is looking for her fur-ever home!

Meet Dixie! This beautiful Treeing Walker Coonhound is about 50lbs and is right where she should be. At only a year old, she still has some learning to do but is just crazy friendly to her doggy roommates! Though she doesn’t currently live with cats, Dixie would probably be fine with the proper introductions. There were several kittens at the shelter and she seemed to be afraid of them. Dixie has several 4-legged roomies and loves to play with the playful ones! She tends to leave her much smaller housemate (ACR foster pup Trixie) alone and gives all of the other dogs their space if they don’t want to play, so she’s proving to be able to pick up on other dogs’ cues and be respectful. Soft introductions to other dogs aren’t necessary and Dixie does very well at the dog park. Confidence in this lady has been a continuous improvement as she learns that the world is not such a scary place. At first she was afraid of cars, but now she jumps right in. TV’s were a bit scare too, but now she enjoys a western show whereas before, she’d run to the bathroom and hide. It’s likely she was never exposed to a lot of these thing but has really come around and is starting to open up. As she gets more comfortable with Foster Mom, she’s even started to play bow to entice her to chase her! Loud noises are the only thing that tend to scare her and she just wants to be in her comfort zone, with her people. Over time, that may subside as she learns that not every loud noise is something terrifying. Miss Dixie has never lived in a house before so it’s taking some time for her to acclimate. Housebreaking is a work in progress and while she is still working on her crate training, she does fine when Foster Mom is gone for the day. It’s when she knows that she is still home and man-oh-man does she remind you that she’s in her crate! Gotta love that bay howl, no? Sleeping through the night isn’t an issue, it’s just when the house is awake – she can’t miss out on all the fun! As far as Dixie’s energy level is concerned, she seems to be an alert dog, sniffing around and chewing on toys. While she isn’t the pestering type, she definitely has energy and will need regular exercise and mental stimulation. Whether that be regular dog park trips or long walks, doesn’t matter to her! Please note that she can be a little spazzy… her long legs just go everywhere! So her coordination for being a running partner may or may not be successful…! In fact, it’s too cute – when Dixie plays, her signature move is to duck under her playmate and stand up, leaving her buddy just hanging there! If you have the stamina to take on a sweet, affectionate, energized hound, then Dixie is a great match. She loves other dogs and will just make your heart melt at how much she wants to be near you, especially when spooked by unknown sounds outside. Hurry and adopt Dixie today! http://athenscaninerescue.com/project/dixie/