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Posted: March 20, 2017

Tug is looking for his fur-ever home!

Welcome Tug! Tug has had a rough start to life but he’s feeling much better now! His mange is under control and he is ready to find his forever home. Tug is a 2 year old Plott Hound/Pitbull mix and just under 50lbs. At his age, he shouldn’t get any larger than that. Tug initially spent some time at Granite Hills Animal Care where he was treated for his mange. He was on death row when he tugged at the heart strings of his then foster dad. Now he is finishing his recovery in a foster home where he can really enjoy life thanks to the second chance Granite Hills gave him. Even through his uncomfortable stages, he had the sweetest disposition. It was clear that all he wanted was to be loved on! While his fur is still growing back, he looks a million times better. In the past couple of weeks alone, his bare spots have really filled in nicely! Now that Tug has had a second chance at life, he’s really opening up. So what do you need to know about Tug? Well, he’s housebroken! Tug has no issues sleeping through the night, keeping his crate clean, and signaling when he needs to go out. Could it get any better than this? YES! It can! He’s completely crate trained as well! No treats, no coaxing, nothing. Tug will walk right into his crate and lie down… with those puppy eyes… that make you feel so sad that you are putting him in his crate…. While Tug has been around cats, he’s never been off leash with them. In saying that, he really doesn’t pay them any attention when walking by. He’s spent time with kids of all ages and done great! So long as they don’t mind some kisses…. Tug should charge for his kisses – he’d be a millionaire! This confident, friendly chap and hasn’t shown a fear of anything thus far. He can get a little nervous around other dogs, so it’s best that he receives the proper introductions. Structured introductions are always a good idea and because of this, Tug is not a good dog park dog. He has met several dogs and been very sweet and playful, but all toys need to be picked up if there are other furry friends around. Tug-of-war is Tug’s FAVORITE game ever (see what we did there?! ) and he’s getting better and better at the command ‘drop it’ when it’s time. He’s proven to be a pretty laid back pup and only requires a few short walks. When it’s hot, Tug can get a bit over heated so noting too strenuous in the summers. One of the best things about Tug is his ability to self-entertain. Affection is always gladly accepted, but there’s no whining when left alone. Whether he is chasing his tail, chewing on a dog toy or sleeping, Tug knows how to hang. He’s got the personality of a gentleman, living out his glory days – Being extremely smart and loyal, Tug always listens to instructions and doesn’t try to be the center of attention. He’s got some energy, but with a little exercise, he conks out. He snores like nobody’s business and he is so polite when it’s bedtime. Tug will sit next to Foster Mom’s bed when he notices her getting ready to go to sleep. He waits until she walks in the room, allowing her to get in first, then he joins! With a nice kiss goodnight, he dreams about his forever home. Once a family comes around who can open their homes and hearts to this lug, he’ll make them the happiest of happy. How can you resist a fully housebroken, crate-trained, self-entertained pup like Tug? On your bad days, he’ll put his arm around you and rest his head on your chest, showing you how much he cares and understands the struggle. After all, he got a second chance at life, and he’s not about to waste it.

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