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Gwen is looking for his fur-ever home!

“Uh huh, this my sit. All the girls shake your paws like this!” - Gwen Stef(paw)ni in her hit single, Hollaback Pup Welcome Gwen!! Gwen is a 7-month old pit mix, who should reach a little under 50 pounds when full grown! Gwen has already mastered being housebroken! She sleeps through the night and hasn’t had any accidents! Gwen is also crate trained, and treats her crate as her personal space. Gwen will go into her kennel on command, or if she is tired she’ll go in to take a nap or just a little personal break. As she is a puppy, Gwen is still learning the do’s and do not’s of the world - but she is a quick learner and is constantly showing her Foster Mom how well she is learning! Currently she is learning to keep all four paws on the ground, as she can get a little excited when she wants affection, but she has already mastered sit, and lay down. While Gwen hasn’t been around cats, we suspect that she would be a little excited at first meet - she is a curious puppy! But we think with a proper introduction she would be okay with them. As far as dogs go, she loves them! Gwen might be a little shy at first meet, but quickly realizes that the other dog just wants to be friends. It’s all wiggles and happy play time from there on out! She is a pretty submissive pup too, and while she loves to play and wrestle with her canine friends, she also loves to lay by their paws and shower them with kisses!! Having a dog sibling would be beneficial to getting her energy out, or a family that is committed to taking her out on walks or several play sessions throughout the day. If she wants to play but there’s no one to play with, Gwen will happily entertain herself with a chew toy or a nap in her kennel. Think you’re the one for ACR’s pop-star icon Gwen? Contact us today!