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Lucille is looking for her fur-ever home!

Welcome little Lucille! This precious pocket pitty weighs about 46lbs and is around 4 years old. She has so much love for her humans and just wants to melt into them when they give her pets and attention. When meeting new people, Lucille just walks right up, expecting to be the center of attention! She isn’t a big licker, but if you let her, she’ll give out some kisses 🙂 Her overall demeanor is relatively mellow. Spurts of energy will shine through occasionally (especially when Foster Mom comes home after being gone all day!), but other than that, she’s a chill dog who occasionally will chew on a toy – her favorites are Nylabones & stuffed toys. One good walk a day or some mini play sessions are all it takes to satisfy Lucille’s exercise needs. Her favorite past time is rolling on her back, be it in the grass, the middle of the street, or the rug! She just wants a free back scratch! Structured introductions are always a good idea and Lucille tends to do fine with pups outside when on a leash. There is absolutely no hesitation as she struts her stuff and walks right up to them. Upon first introductions, she doesn’t seem particularly interested, but her habit of being an ‘in-your-face’ dog when she gets to roam freely, is not always welcome. She would probably do best as an only dog because of this. If she is going to live in a home with other dogs, it’s important that she is properly introduced and monitored until she fully settles in. Once settled, she’s just a love bug! Cats are something to be chased after (per Lucille’s standards) so she should not be placed in a home with felines. But children are certainly welcome as she can be a bit needy and they tend to fill that gap really well 😊 Lucille is basically housebroken; if she is left for more than 6 hours at a time, she may have an accident. Every once in a while there will be a random ‘oopsy,’ but they are few and far between. Running into her crate after a toy is perfectly acceptable for Lucille, but she doesn’t like to be left in there during thunder storms. Being curled up and smushed between pillows is where she prefers to spend her time if she isn’t being showered with pets and attention already. So, here’s the quirkiness about Lucille – she does this funny thing where she pulls toys out of the toy basket, then hoards them in her crate. It’s like she’s hiding them from…someone? She also gets super excited when it’s time for a walk and she’ll do some mad hops at the door to hurry you up! Love and affection are two things you will not fall short of with this cutie. If you’re looking for a dog who will have unconditional love for you and just love on you as much as you love on her (well, more, actually), Lucille is your lady! Come and meet her and you’ll understand what I mean! http\://